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A documentary series established to communicate stories of leadership, innovation and social responsibility that inspire global transformation.

Kimberly Jung is a woman of many skills. A US veteran, Harvard grad, and now at MIT, Jung helped Afghan women start and operate a global spice business.
Matt Griffin: Army Ranger, SharkTank partner and Sundance producer, describes how to achieve lasting peace and honoring fallen friends.
Professor Joe Lawless, Milgard School of Business, University of Washington (Tacoma), described corporate Social Responsibility in 2018.
For over 20 years, Dr. Andrew Saxon and Dr. Richard Ries have worked with patients and families negatively affected by opioid use. In this interview, they discuss the how and why opioid dependence happens, and ways to overcome the United States’ biggest drug problem.
Problem solver, Naveen Jain, discussed the entrepreneurial approach to the world’s most difficult problems. Earth’s energy (traveling to the Moon for other energy sources) and Healthcare (looking inside the human microbiome) are just two of the challenges Jain is tackling.
Finland’s ambassador to the US, Kirsti Kauppi, explains her country’s high ranking livability. She also describes tensions with Russia, in Europe, with the US and working with the challenges of massive emigration from the Middle East.
Dr. Jean Nokes describes 50 years of her love of horses, riding, and the last horse farm in the city of Seattle. Dr. Nokes preserves history about an area soon to change.
International business guru Carol Sanford discusses her latest book about building business. She emphasizes analyzing the DNA of companies and building human capacity.
World-renowned geomorphologist, David Montgomery, PhD, describes his new book Growing a Revolution: Bringing Our Soil Back to Life. He notes that farms can grow more food, prepare the soil for the future, protect the environment, provide healthier food, and be profitable with a change in approach.
Biologist Anne Biklé describes her book The Hidden Half of Nature and the importance of diversity in diet to humans. This is a gut-level interview getting to the core of how our bodies work with food.
Former political prisoner Fred Bauma describes the youth movement LUCHA. It’s a group who seek to help their home country, the Democratic Republic of Congo, overcome corruption and the poverty and oppression that comes with it.
BIPARTISAN COOPERATION: This US member of Congress finds the path to bipartisan cooperation AND effective global development. Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) discusses global threats and opportunities and the United States’ place in the world.
44,000 JOBS: One woman helped to create 44,000 jobs for women in Saudi Arabia. Banker Reem Asaad challenged Saudi society’s treatment of women and won! See how perseverance paid off help women gain rights.
A CURE FOR CANCER: The world-renowned Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center’s Gary Gilliland describes a one-shot process with a 93% success rate in blood cancers … and how the Center believes this process has much potential in many other diseases.


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Dr. Kakenya Ntaiya: CNN Hero, UN Youth Advisor, One of Newsweek’s 150 Women Who Shake the World — all she wanted to do was go to school (with Linda Lockhart and Mary Mwende, of the Global Give Back Circle). At age 12, Dr. Ntaiya wanted to go to school so badly that, instead of getting married, she agreed to undergo the tradition of female genital mutilation. She later returned to start her own school for girls (with Pape Gaye of Intrahealth and Gannon Gillespie of Tostan).  (Watch Part 2 here!)

“I’ve never been affected so much by an interview as I have been with Kakenya Ntaiya. This woman is truly amazing, brave, tough, smart, caring — all the attributes of a real hero.” 
— Stan Emert, Rainmakers TV


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  • Scott Jackson, Global Impact
  • Reeta Roy, Mastercard Foundation
  • Kathy Calvin, United Nations Foundation

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